I had the chance to go the California in October with my brother to go to the Linkin Park Concert they were doing to honor of Chester Bennington that was the lead singer for them. OMG that trip was quick and wished we could have stayed longer. But we had so much fun on that trip the first morning we were there we went to Warner Bros Studio for a Studio tour. I’m so happy we did that it was seriously so much fun to go see where they film some of my favorite TV shows and movies. My favorite show of all time Friends omg so cool to see where they filmed on the lot and the park they would use for some of the park shots. And see Central Perk Café so AWESOME, Wished you could look around more after they take your picture but you just kind of have to hurry along so other people can take pictures. Then you went and saw the DC comics gallery so cool to see that and see all the Batman vehicle’s, that was my brothers favorite part to see that stuff. and they take you to a warehouse were they keep the props for TV shows and movies they film on set. then at the end of the tour they drop you off at the Central Perk café and shops and gallery of friends, and other shows and movies. My brother and I had a blast on the tour and loved every minute of it and bought some awesome gifts at the store. They also take you to a set of a new show coming out next year, we couldn’t take photos of anything in there. I would highly reccommened going if you have a chance to go to it. Next time when I have the chance to go back to Cali I would want to take my husband and show him the tour, but I would totally want to do the Vip tour so you could experience more of what they have on the lot!!

Then that night we went to the Linkin Park concert oh my that was so much fun going to the Hollywood Bowl for it really cool outdoor stadium. That place was so packed with people when you went to your seat they had a bracelet for everyone, so that was cool so for each song they would play it would light up different colors. I’m totally keeping it to remind of the concert. They bought out a singer for each song that their voice matched best for the songs, one no can ever sing the songs them like Chester could he had AMAZING voice. So happy my brother and I went to that concert, a great fun experience I will ever forgot!!